Exterior Design

Date:14 Jul, 2015

Exterior Design

The early stages of the custom home design process are focused on the interior design and layout. When that is near completion, it is important to have a beautiful appearance on the outside of your custom home. Finding the correct exterior finishing that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing is the key to custom home design.

It is the time to think about everything that is around your house as we begin to look at exterior finishing. From driveways and garage doors to exterior finishing and outdoor entertainment areas are all decided early in the custom design process of your home.

There are dozens of elements to consider about the exterior of your home, including:

Masonary and Stucco

Roofing and Gutters

Patios and Decks


Pool and Landscaping

We specialize in building custom homes that are every bit as extraordinary as your family. We utilize the latest technology, energy efficiency and a streamlined methodology to build your dream home.