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Energy Saving Tips

As we are in one of the hottest summers on record in Texas, here are a few reminders to help you save energy and money.

Our air conditioners seem to run all day without stopping. As we all feel our energy costs rise, here are a few tips and reminders to help save you some money:
• Keep your refrigerator full. Your refrigerator and freezer work more efficiently when they are full. If you are low on groceries, it is suggested that you fill as much as you can with water bottles, it makes a big difference.
• Do your best to plan your day to save energy. A few ideas are to raise the temperature when you are not home, run your appliances like your washing machine, dishwasher and dryer at night when it is cooler outside. Plan your meals to include items that do not need to be cooked in the oven as often as possible.
• Use only one refrigerator and freezer. Using an additional refrigerator uses twice as much energy and cost.
• Use a DVD Player to watch movies, a game console, like PlayStation or X-box, uses 2 to 3 times as much energy to run.
Be smart about energy efficiency in your home. We remind our customers to always clean or replace your air filters every six months and always check for cracks around doors and windows. Always use your ceiling fans when the air conditioning is on to help circulate the cooler air. These will add up to savings you can see on your energy bill, every month.
At Del Cielo Homes, we are all about trying to find additional ways to save you money. To connect with the online community and learn more, visit us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Types of Home Builders and how they are different

As many people may know, there are three different types of homebuilders, Custom, Tract and Spec builders. We are often asked what type of builder do people need based on the type of house that they want. I will explain the general differences in them in the article.

A “Spec” Home Builder is typically the builder who will buy a lot or land and then build a house with the intention of selling it and “speculates” that he will make a profit from the sale of the home or the land. Spec homes are typically not large homes, rather small to medium homes with custom styles and features. The styles of these homes are from the very plain all the way to a custom luxury large home.

A “Tract” Home Builder are developers that purchase a large plot, or tract, of land and will divide that land into smaller parcels that stock plan homes are built on. These builders typically will build stock plan homes on the land. There are typically model homes to choose from and built on these lots. There is typically not much of an opportunity to make many changes in these homes. Single family homes and condominiums are built by this type of builder. Typically these homes are built with a price point and slim profit margin. Tract homes may be comparatively inexpensive and the resale value is the largest consideration when purchasing.

A “Custom” home builder is typically a small volume builder that builds all types and sizes of houses. Their services may just be contracting or full design and build home solutions. Building with a custom home builder allows for major changes and modifications in plans and can add an additional room or bathroom. Building a custom home truly gives you the ability to design, modify and create the home that truly fits your lifestyle for your family. Typically the homeowners, architect and builder can create and add variables throughout the building process that would allow for custom amenities that are tailored to the owners taste, specific home for a specific owner.

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Building Energy Efficient Homes

At Del Cielo, we combine building science expertise with specialized knowledge in alternative and energy efficient building techniques.

A majority of energy efficient building strategies occur in the first stages of our planning process. A few of these exterior strategies include site orientation, design, and building material selection. On the inside of your custom home, we offer selections of lighting, appliances and plumbing fixtures that provide the latest in energy efficient design.

We understand that energy efficient homes start with design and architecture. We will share with you the benefits and long term advantages of efficient building that will pay you back over time. Environmental responsibility is one of our core values. We offer many different types of product options that are energy efficient and durable. Whether you are looking for basic building, solar or net zero, we are able to make your custom design as efficient as possible.

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